I have been a consultant/participant in a wide range of projects both around the world and across North America. I have worn different hats…strategic planner, futures planning, visioning, expanding boundaries on projects to be more comprehensive. ┬áSome of the projects I have contributed to are:

  • Future of Private Foreign Aid, The State Department, Washington D.C.
  • Tidewater 2000, A Seven City Regional Visioning Project
  • Visioning Task Force, Office of the Governor, Colorado
  • Young President’s Organization, Mastering Change
  • International Resource Group, the Future of Energy, Africa
  • Values and the Federal Budget, Design for the Future Foundation
  • Agent Orange Health Care Referral Project, New Futures Inc, Virginia
  • Long Range Plan for Rural Development, Thailand
  • Future of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
  • The Future of Children in ASEAN Nations, Bangkok, Thailand