Collaborations in story telling with unique groups, families, and individuals using their own vocabulary in art materials

IMG_1745In collaboration with King Williams, created a book “Snippets from a Murky Past”…a book of paintings depicting scenes over the 50 years of King’s life and his 50+ year marriage to Jan Williams. Limited Edition of 35 copies given to all family members 2001.

The Life and Work of Michael Appleby, Ph.D. Created with Michael during a dementia illness, a 4 volume synthesis of 30 years of global development work in communities around the world…special focus on his work in West and Southern Africa and his tenure at Virginia Tech. Drawings by Michael Appleby from his last years….collected and shared with Michaels friends and family. A biography of Michael Appleby….written for his friends and family on the event of his death.

“Our Dad”..the the life and photographic work of the McQueen patriarch. A limited edition book of 16. 2000

1990-2015 Completed unique collaborations with with 7 families.…documenting through art, the completion of seven unique lives.

2013 Developed CD containing “The WorK of Wes Zerbe”…This art work included 110 paintings was created after Wes suffered a brain aneurysm. Working in two teams, we photographed all Wes work and created CD of all 110 works of his art.

2015 Organized creation of a book to include all the art work Mary Louise Chavers created over the last 5 years prior to her death December 2015.

Created a Photo Memorial for a person whose twin died unexpectedly…We took the beads and jewelery that comprised the birthday gifts received from her twin. The drama of juxtaposing the jewelery with the gourds provided to the twin left behind, adding comfort, easing the grieving process. Some of these images are included below.