1985 National Art Show Museum of Botswana

1986 National Art Show Museum of Botswana Acrylic paintings

1986 MEMORIES DREAMS AND REFLECTIONS…acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings…a three person show with potter and folk artist, Emily Roholemang, photographer, Deborah Horner. At Alliance Francais, Gaberone, Botswana.

1986 ANCIENT EARTH…The POTTERS of PELOTSHETLE…an installation and archive record (including poetry) created as part of documenting the lives and work of clay potters for the National Museum, Gaberone, Botswana

1985-1988 WEAVINGS: ancient stories…four paintings translated into weavings by Tiro De ATLA weaving studio in Lobatse, Botswana

1985-1988 Tapestries exhibited at National Museum of Botswana

1988 Exhibit of Textiles, Antique Arts, Bayfield, Ontario

1989-1997 Tears of the Children Art Exhibits…50 exhibits in 25 states

1993-present Collage, assemblage, photography

2010 Naropa University…a collage installation… “SHOULDERING”…35 works

2011 BARE NAKED LADIES AND THEIR BIRDS…Center for People with Disabilities…a single artist exhibit of 40 works, including one of a kind books, poems and multi media pieces

2012 Altered Book “So when the Earth Calls. Dance” went on year long tour

2009-2015 Annual Studio art exhibits Naropa University

2010 Naropa Art Exhibit/Auction; assemblage piece entitled “Mushroom Eyes”.

2013 EARTH MATTERS, one person art show eTown Hall, Boulder, Colorado, June 7 – July 23, 2013

2013 Women who Live with their Goats…Group show, Firehouse Gallery, Longmont CO 2014 Group Show at the Great Frame Up Shop in Longmont, CO

2014 Migraine Girl…Firehouse Gallery, Longmont CO

2016 Elements of the Feminine…a five woman group show at ArtParts, Boulder CO July 1-August 12, 2016