“A Crying Shame: Images and Stories From the International Collection”; Tears of the Children Press

“Under Fire: Our Nation’s Sons at Risk”; Tears of the Children Press;


“Mary Mary, The Coffin Clothes of Catholic Girls who Died in Secret Wars” a collection of poetry.

“MUDBONES…Incest and the Earth”


“Long Range Plan For Rural Development” for Thai Cabinet, Bangkok

“Development Training Forum: A Workbook for Training Third World Leaders in Project Management”…A training course written for USAID

“The Meaning and Measurement of Poverty” Chapter in “Policy Studies in Developing Nations…Poverty Policy in Developing Countries”

“The Future of Private Foreign Aid”…written for USAID’s Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid

“Responding to Change: Private Voluntarism and International Development”; for Advisory Committee on Private Foreign Aid

Shifting Levels and Composition of US Public and Private Resources for Development”; for Advisory Committee on Foreign Aid;

Environment and Global Development writings….including “Environment and Development in Partnership”; The Relevance of Sustainable Development for Evaluation”, “Sustainable Development”

“The Gift of Terror” about the South Africa Invasion of Botswana.

“Future Shock, Denial and Projection” for Federal Executive Seminar

“Methodology and Approaches to Visioning- A Case Study” for Futures Bulletin

“Ohilwe”; The Zebra’s Voice, The National Museum, Gaborone, Botswana