A nest is a fractal, holy space that exists beyond time and space. Usually I begin with a simple ‘box’ whose shape I am drawn to. A nest helps a soul go deeper…to incubate the self. It can take the ragged edges of the universe, where fear might lurk, and chaos reign, and turn it into solid, holy, inspired ground. A nest is a private zone that you come back to again and again…it hints at ancestral frequencies. These frequencies produce waves which allow us over time to amplify and then unfold ourself.

It is about supporting the creation of authentic self.  A nest is about giving birth to you. Open the box and just breathe in…close the box and breathe out. A nest is a refuge that hosts a wealth of intimacy and wraps one in hope.  With a nest you become connected to your primal home.  Then as you go from focus on nest to every day, you find that you renew your being. You become fertile again.

Why make a nest? You might have a dream that you want to believe in, and if you have no place for it to gestate, it would be proper to have a spirit nest…in which to hold the vibrations. Use it to stay in touch with yourself; attune to your purpose. Or place it on your dresser so you can add energy to your dreams, align your heart and head. Put it next to the busy places in your world…and let it remind you of your purpose. Or put it on your kitchen window shelf, or in the cupboard next to your grandmothers coffee creamer….let it be a reminder all through the day …that you are loved.