Wild Women on the Planet

Almost daily I find myself drawing figures that radiate energy…that tell me time and space are not linear. They express energy that is formless. I do this as a journalling process by drawing the figures below on my computer. This is a nightly meditative process. First I must empty my mind…no thinking, embrace color, do it fast, swirl lines around…and wild women on the planet appear. These are whimsical, adventurous, funky and joyful. They help me remember I have a sense of humor that can be called out.

Other times I make wild women out of tiny scraps of fabric…so small they are almost gone. I twist and connect them until I feel the energy of the feminine swoop down and talk to me. These are little bits that I love. They are the raw, non credentialed primal energy of a wild moment when I gather odds and ends I love and work fast….without thinking….or planning…no cutting straight, no linear human forms. Raw energy.