Women Who Live with Their Goats

One of the most wonderful experiences of m life was spending time with old Bakatla clay potters who lived in a remote part of Botswana with their goats. I would drive beyond where the roads ended and find these women caring for their herds. They new every goat by color…it seems there are a thousand ways to describe combinations of brown black and shades of taupe.

My first occasion to experience time and space bending happened after a potter asked me to take her to the local village to sell her goat’s milk. I thought we would be dropping off the 20 liter bucket at a shop. What happened next changed my life. It took us three days to sell the goat milk by the cupful from the back of my truck!

There came a day when I told the potters I would be leaving Africa. I learned that I was to be given a goat so I set about to learn the protocols of a goat feast. In my soul I rejoiced. Then, out of the blue, not knowing where I lived or when I was to have the feast, the potters showed up right in time for the feast at my home! By creating these images, I continue to celebrate the lives of these women and the many gifts they gave me.